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Yakima Machine Shop Services

Here at RMS we offer a variety of services including CNC milling, manual milling, manual lathe work, welding , fabrication and full differential services.

CNC Milling

CNC Milling

We provide CNC Milling with our Matsuura MC-500V vertical milling machine.

Work Area - 14.96" x 34.06"
Travel X - 20"
Travel Y - 14.1"
Travel Z - 17.7"
Max Spindle Speed 6,000 RPM
20 Tools

Milling and Turning

We provide a variety of milling and turning services. Are equipment includes: two manual milling machines, a Sharp engine lathe, large Axleson WWII era engine lathe, vertical machining center and a Matsuura MC-500V with 20 tool holders. We can perform all lathe operations including turning, boring facing, threading, etc.


We have the ability to import cad drawings to assist in programing our cnc mill.

Custom Axle Splining

Custom Axle Splining

We perform custom axle shaft spline cutting for most common axle shafts.

Driveline Repair

Driveline Repair

Drive line services include lengthening, shorting, and replacing yokes. We do many types of drive lines from automotive to agriculture.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Cylinder repairs include repairing or manufacturing shafts, pistons, glands, and other parts.

Custom Welding
and Fabrication

We do all types of welding and fabrication from new construction to repair work.

Full Differential Services

We offer all your differential needs including, rebuilding and installing new gears, installing posi's and lockers, housing narrowing, and installing tubes into aftermarket housings.